16th November, 2021

How to Deal With Criticism When You’ve Reached Your Limit

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Dr Sarah Coope joins me to talk about the workload of medical professionals and the benefits of setting boundaries while dealing with criticisms amidst the global pandemic. We discuss the three elements of the _Drama Triangle_ and ways to navigate or avoid them reliably. As we dive deeper into their conversation, we emphasise the art of saying ‘No’ through acknowledging our limits.

If you want to take the first step in recognising your limits, handling criticism better and setting proper boundaries, tune in to this episode.

Episode transcript

Dr Rachel Morris: Do you struggle to say ‘no’ to things? Do you want to set boundaries and create limits around your work, your availability in your time, but you feel terrible when people don’t get it or don’t like it? Do you beat yourself up when people aren’t happy or criticise you, even when it’s not your fault? And does this sometimes make you feel helpless? Like you have no choice? This week, the tables are turned, and Dr Sarah Coope, GP, coach and medical educator joins me on the podcast to interview me about what I’ve seen and…

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