27th July, 2021

Summer Replay Series: Eff-It Living with John C Parkin

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Over the summer we’ve curated a series of past You Are Not A Frog episodes to help you reflect, take stock, and to help you get some headspace as you prepare for what’s bound to be a busy and challenging Autumn. 

These episodes are some of my personal favourites and I’m so pleased to be able to share them again. 

This week… Eff it living. This was one of the very first YANAF episodes I recorded. I’m talking with John C. Parkin about his life mantra – the clue is in the title! Whilst it might seem to be a bit dismissive, this philosophy is based on some ancient principles which might just help ease some of the stress and anxiety we experience. And it certainly helped me on holiday when my family were driving me mad…..find out more by listening to the episode here.

Caution – this episode does contain swearing!

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