31st August, 2021

Summer Replay Series: The One About Alcohol with Dr. Giles P. Croft

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Over the summer we’ve curated a series of past You Are Not A Frog episodes to help you reflect, take stock, and to help you get some headspace as you prepare for what’s bound to be a busy and challenging Autumn. 

These episodes are some of my personal favourites and I’m so pleased to be able to share them again. 

This week….The one about alcohol with Dr Giles P Croft. In it we discuss a book I read last summer (by a pool in Italy!) all about the toxic effects of alcohol and why almost every story we tell ourselves about why we need it is, in fact, wrong. 

That said, I’ve still been enjoying the odd glass of fizz (or two) on my hols (this year sadly confined to the UK). But it’s good to stop and reflect on why many of us feel the need to drink to excess and to discuss how it is possible to cut down our drinking, or stop altogether  – without missing it (and that’s the great part!)

Listen to this episode here if you’d like to get a fresh perspective on alcohol and what it really does for you. 

Grab a cuppa, get the deckchair out, relax and enjoy!

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