18th July, 2023

Why You Should Expect Pushback and What to do About it

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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It’s a fact of life that we can’t please everyone. That’s why one of the hardest things to do is say no and try to keep everyone happy with our decisions. Even if it’s against our will, we try to give a piece of ourselves to everyone. The thing is, that takes a toll on us until resentment builds up in our hearts. So, how do you expect pushback while staying firm with your decisions?

In this Quick Dip, we explore the topic of pushback, how it affects our emotions, and why we should expect it. We lay down tips on removing guilt from receiving pushback and handling other people’s reactions. It’s one thing to expect pushback but another to deal with it. The first step is to accept the fact that there’s somebody that will always oppose your views and decisions.

Stand your ground firmly but compassionately. If you want to know how to expect and deal with pushback, this episode is for you.

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  • Learn the power of expecting pushback.
  • Find out how resentment builds up and its consequences.
  • Discover the best ways to deal with pushback.

Episode highlights


On Pushback


Expecting Pushback


How Resentment Builds Up


Expecting Feedback


How to Deal with Pushback


Hunting for the Grain of Truth


Setting Boundaries and Expecting Pushback

Episode transcript

Dr Rachel Morris: This is a You Are Not A Frog quick dip, a tiny taster of the kinds of things we talk about on our full podcast episodes. I’ve chosen today’s topic to give you a helpful boost in the time it takes to have a cup of tea, so you can return to whatever else you’re up to feeling energized and inspired. For more tools, tips and insights to help you thrive at work, don’t forget to subscribe to You Are Not A Frog wherever you get your podcasts. This is a quick dip all about pushback, specifically…

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