8th August, 2023

What Happens When We’re Really Listened to

With Tom Dillon

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Do you ever feel like you’re not being heard? Or like you’re under pressure and there’s never enough time? Few of us get the chance to truly be listened to – coaching can help with that.

It’s not therapy or listening to someone else’s advice. It’s about exploring solutions yourself, with guidance. Coaching gives you permission to take a tricky situation and ask “If this were different, what would I notice?”.

Coaching allows us to think to the end of our thoughts, with someone who listens and asks generative questions. And by adopting a coaching mindset, we can help our teams solve problems by using the skills and knowledge they already have.

If you’ve felt burnt out or resentful, help is at hand. This week, transformational coach, trainer, and author Tom Dillon joins Rachel to explore how different coaching approaches can help you reclaim your agency, think more clearly, and act positively.

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Reasons to listen

  • To learn about the benefits of coaching, including how it can transform your life and provide a space for thinking and exploration
  • To understand how coaching differs from therapy and mentoring, and why coaching is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals
  • To discover different coaching approaches, like the person-centred and solution-focused approaches, and how they can be used to help you generate options and make your own decisions

Episode highlights


What haas coaching ever done for us?


Coaching vs therapy


The power of being listened to


Hearing back what you’ve just said


The person-centred approach to coaching


Are doctors good listeners?


The solution-focused approach to coaching


When negative beliefs prevent us from imagining solutions


Cognitive behavioural approach


Somatic approach to coaching


Neuroscience approach


Gestalt coaching approach


Coaching “the uncoachable”


Taking a coaching approach


Work with Tom


Your Coaching Journey

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: Doctors and other people in the caring professions tend to think that they’re brilliant listeners. But is that always the case? Of course we’re under pressure and there’s never enough time. But one of the things I’ve learned since becoming a coach and being coached, is that being heard is incredibly valuable. And that would just not listen to enough. [00:00:20] Rachel: Coaching isn’t about lying on a therapist’s couch or sitting with a guru as they dispense wisdom. It’s really about uncovering and exploring solutions yourself. Just having that guidance, and even that permission to take a…

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