12th September, 2023

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow to Improve – Take Control Now

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Do you find yourself thinking “it will be better tomorrow”, or believing things will improve in a few months’ time “when x happens”?

In this quick dip episode, Rachel reveals how waiting for outside events to occur leads to more problems – because even when tomorrow comes, we’re still the same person facing the same challenges as we were yesterday.

This mindset can lead us to looking for partial solutions which ultimately keep us from solving our bigger problems. But by focusing on our zone of power, we can reclaim agency over the things we can change, instead of waiting on events we can’t control.

If we don’t try and take control, we can end up in a continued cycle of waiting for tomorrow to come. This leads to more stress, burnout, and exhaustion becoming the norm. But when we’re in our zone of power, we’ll find it much easier to deal with what today and tomorrow has in store.

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Reasons to listen

  • Challenge your “it’ll be better tomorrow” mindset
  • Learn practical strategies for creating urgency and focusing on your zone of power
  • Know when to wait and see, and when to take action

Episode highlights


Making it better now


Going down the vortext of busiyness


Urgency to change


What is the burning platform?


Be in your zone of power


If I could wave a magic wand


Ignore things for a period


Watchful waiting


Take action

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: A few weeks ago, I had almost an identical conversation with two different people on consecutive days. The first conversation was with a good friend. I said to him, how are you doing? How’s things going at work? And he said, it’s okay. We’re a bit overwhelmed. We’re a bit overloaded at the moment. It’ll be better next year. We’ve got adverts out. We’re going to recruit two new people. So I’m just holding on till then. It’ll be much better and then I think I’ll be able to cope with it. He looked worn out to be…

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