26th September, 2023

Stress vs Overwhelm – And Why You Should Know the Difference

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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We all get stressed or overwhelmed with our daily responsibilities from time to time. But we’re not always good at telling them apart. And this is important, because the way out of overwhelm is different form the way out of stress.

Stress is caused when the demands on us outweigh the resources we feel we have to cope. Overwhelm happens when high amounts of stress make us feel like we can’t cope with our lives’ demands. The way out of overwhelm is non-doing, resting, and letting our nervous system settle down.

Prolonged stress and overwhelm can lead to burnout, which just puts more stress on our nervous system, and makes it harder for us to function. In this quick dip, Rachel offers practical advice to help you take care of yourself, recognise overwhelm, and give yourself the time you need to rest.

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Reasons to listen

  • To learn the difference between stress and overwhelm
  • To discover the benefits of non-doing and how it can help you overcome overwhelm
  • For practical tips on reducing overwhelm in the future

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The F**k it mindset


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Permission to stop

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: A few months ago I had an awful lot going on, both with family stuff at home, business stuff, lots of delivery to do, lots of prep to do, and there were some staffing issues and I just felt completely overwhelmed. Now often when I’m feeling stressed or when I’ve got a lot going on, I’ll talk to a coach or a friend and just talking to them helps me get my head straight, I get a list of actions, things get really clear and I know what I need to do going forwards. [00:00:29] Rachel: But this…

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