19th December, 2023

How to Survive the Holiday Season

With Corrina Gordon-Barnes

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The Christmas season can be a time of stress and disappointment, especially when our expectations don’t match up with reality. We can find ourselves dealing with difficult family members, feeling overwhelmed with work and family obligations, or experiencing a general sense of dissatisfaction.But there’s plenty we can do to make the festive period more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

This week, we’re revisiting a previous conversation on the podcast, with Corrina Gordon-Barnes. In her chat with Rachel, you’ll learn how to turn expected disappointments into a game of bingo, set realistic expectations, and exercise some self-compassion.

By taking proactive steps, we can create a more positive and fulfilling Christmas experience.

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Reasons to listen

  • To learn strategies to cope with the expectations and negative experiences that come with the holiday season
  • To discover the concept of playing “Christmas Bingo” to approach disappointments with humour and acceptance
  • To gain insights on how to navigate triggering situations and avoid falling into familiar patterns of conflict

Episode highlights


Christmas disappointments


Christmas Bingo


What you can do to avoid disappointent


Playing out the old dances


Your zone of power


Lowering your expectations


Self-compassion in the face of disappointment


Hunt the Pony


Handling regret


Corrina’s top 3 tips

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: You are another year older, but are you any wiser? As we’re coming up to the holiday season, I’m reflecting on last year and how I coped with all the expectations of Christmas, including some of the more negative expectations of irritation with certain members of my family. [00:00:15] Last year I had a convenient gout jail free card as I broken my ankle and was able to sneak off to the gym for some rehab while the rest of the family trudged around the lake in the cold and rain. But this year, I’m going to have…

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