27th February, 2024

Life’s Too Short NOT to Love What You Do

With Dr Sarah Goulding

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There are times working in medicine or other high-stress jobs, when you feel trapped and unhappy. And maybe you’ve told yourself you have no other option but to stay put. These “shoulds” can come from societal expectations or the idea that you’ve put so much into your job already that it would be silly – or even irresponsible – to quit now.

These myths and pressures keep us feeling stuck, and prevent us from exploring alternative possibilities within or outside of our current field.

This week, Rachel is joined by Dr Sarah Goulding, who breaks open those myths, and shows how we can uncover new possibilities. It all starts by recognising we’re not defined solely by our roles, and embracing the idea that it’s okay to change and to pursue work that aligns with our strengths and passions.

Sarah also has a set of self-coaching questions that can help us discover what we’re going to do with our “one wild and precious life”.

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Reasons to listen

  • To discover how to find a way of working that doesn’t harm your well-being and allows you to be passionate and energetic in and out of work
  • To explore the myths and societal pressures that keep us feeling trapped in our current careers and learn how to break free from them
  • To gain valuable insights into the importance of reflecting on your skills and experiences to uncover new career possibilities within or outside of medicine

Episode highlights


The job-for-life fallacy


Toxic expectations of gratitude


Availability bias and the sunk cost fallacy


Reinventing yourself


When’s the right time to make a change?


Satisfaction outside of work


Your one wild and precious life


2,000 weeks left


Taking imperfect action


Career crafting


Self-coaching questions


Crafting your joyful career path


The “I will be happy when…” myth


Sarah’s top tips

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: Tell me, what is it you plen to do with your one wild and precious life. These last few words of the Mary Oliver poem, The Summer’s Day are what inspired me to start my organization Wild Monday. Off to years working in medicine and seeing the frustration and stress it was causing me and my colleagues, I changed how I work and I’ve now made it my mission to help people understand, like I say, all the time that getting out or burning out, aren’t your only options. [00:00:28] This week I’m inviting Dr. Sarah Goulding back…

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