23rd April, 2024

How to Find Your Voice

With Dr Claire Kaye

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Lots of us struggle to express ourselves in the way we want to at work. It can be down to a lack of confidence or not quite knowing how to order our thoughts.

What we first need to do is understand what it is we want to say, and why we want to say it. By identifying our core values and beliefs, we can start forming our unique voice – one that represents who we are.

But finding our voice is just the first step – the next is using it effectively. This means speaking up at the right times, listening to others, and ensuring we’re not dominating the conversation.

Getting the balance right takes practice and conscious effort. It starts with self-awareness and introspection, followed by actively seeking feedback and adjusting our communication style when we need to. And we need to be mindful to create environments where everyone feels safe and encouraged to express their opinions.

Staying silent can lead to misunderstandings, stifled creativity, and a lack of diversity in thoughts and ideas. Over time this can lead to toxic work environments, and can hinder both personal and professional growth.

In this episode, Dr Claire Kaye returns to explore how we can improve our communication and drive better outcomes, by listening fully to what others have to say, making space for new voices, and offering thoughtful responses that contribute to the dialogue.

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  • Learn strategies for effectively using your voice at work, even if you’re an introvert
  • Hear about the importance of balancing speaking up and active listening in group discussions
  • Understand how finding and using your voice can lead to more successful outcomes within teams

Episode highlights


Knowing who you are and what you stand for


Standing up to scary people


It (probably) isn’t personal


The spotlight fallacy




Picking your battles


Understanding your role in a tricky conversatio


Claire’s top tips

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[00:00:00] **Rachel:** How do you feel about speaking up in meetings? Does the thought of it make you really uncomfortable, or are you always the one who’s got something to say when the facilitator asks for feedback? [00:00:11] This week Dr. Claire Kaye is back on the podcast, and if you’re anything like some of our coaching clients, you’ll know that feeling of fear or helplessness that can come up when, you know, there’s something that needs to be said, but you’re not sure it’s your senior. Or qualified enough to say it. Some of us on the other hand,…

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