15th March, 2024

Smashing the Gender Pay Gap for Women in Medicine – Bonus Episode in Partnership with PMGUK

With Professor Dame Jane Dacre

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Women in medicine are often undervalued and taken less seriously than their male counterparts. They’re also made to feel less safe at work, and encounter pushback when they make a complaint.

This week’s guest is Professor Dame Jane Dacre, and the episode is recorded in partnership with the Physician Mums Facebook Group (PMGUK). In her discussion with Rachel, Dame Jane lays out what needs to change at structural and interpersonal levels.

She invites members of the industry to shine a light on inappropriate behaviour and develop a zero-tolerance approach towards sexism and misconduct. She also describes ways in which leadership courses, mentoring, and resources can be provided to empower women to advance in their careers. And she encourages men and women to be allies, speak up against inequality, and support each other in challenging situations.

This discussion follows up on the 2020 report into the gender pay gap chaired by Dame Jane, and while progress is happening, women are still undervalued and face barriers to success. But by raising awareness about the gaps in pay and authority, we can create an environment where everyone is valued and has equal opportunities to thrive.

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About the guests

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Reasons to listen

  • To learn about the efforts being made to address the gender pay gap in medicine and the progress that has been made so far
  • To understand the concept of the authority gap and its impact on women in various fields
  • To gain insights into the importance of supporting and empowering women in the workplace and taking collective action to challenge cultural norms and inequalities

Episode highlights


Follow-up on the gender pay gap report


Addressing sexual misconduct in medicine


Expectations of women in medicine


The authority gap


Finding allies


Systemic failures leading to women not being heard


Everyday misconduct


Jane’s story


The benefits of a non-linear career


The importance of authenticity and kindness


Sponsorship over mentoring


Maternal guilt


A letter to Jane’s younger self

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: If you are a woman in medicine, you’ve probably dealt with your own fair share of sexism. Whether it’s unfair expectations placed on you or a colleague’s inappropriate behavior that’s gone unchecked. [00:00:11] In 2020, our guest professor Dame Jane Daker, chaired a report into the gap in pay between men and women. Three years on from that report, what if anything’s actually changed? Are institutions implementing the recommendations the report made, or is it still business as usual and pay aside, why is it that so many women are taken less seriously in medical fields than men?…

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