You’re not a frog, you’re a…Super Squirrel!

Super Squirrel

Lively, playful and tenacious, squirrels are smart, sassy and fun to be around. But when you’re constantly helping everyone else get things done, you might start to feel your bounce and energy being swallowed up. How can you get back to your brilliant self?

Well, listening to these 5 podcast episodes is a great place to start! I’ve chosen them to help you reclaim your energy, so that instead of fixing everyone else’s problems you can focus on your own impact. Since I know you hate to leave others unsupported, we’re going to explore ways to say no without letting down your colleagues,as well as how to have more of an impact with less of an effort.

Why Can’t I Say No – Episode 163

More Impact Less Effort – Episode 159

How Perfectionism and Shame Lead to Stress and Burnout – Episode 152

How To Stop People Pleasing And Absorbing Other Peoples’ Angst – Episode 110

How To Tell People What They Don’t Want to Hear – Episode 134

I hope these podcasts help you step back from endlessly supporting others, so you can start doing the work you’re here to do.

Enjoy listening – and if you enjoy it, do leave us a review on your favourite podcast platform – they really help us reach more people!

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Love, Rachel.