20th February, 2024

Finding Your North Star

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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We’re all seeking the perfect job or career path that will bring us happiness and fulfilment. But while we’re focused on achieving success, we can overlook the bigger stuff – and it’s possible that our current career trajectory might not take us there.

That’s why we need to find and then follow our North Star. Finding it starts with prioritising four fundamental needs: feeling fully human, deep connections, meaning and purpose, and growth and learning. By aligning our goals with these needs, we can find true fulfilment.

In this quick dip episode, Rachel outlines how we can understand what makes us feel alive, cultivate meaningful relationships and activities, and embrace continuous growth in all aspects of our lives.

If we carry on putting achievement ahead of our own needs – especially if we’re doing so to please someone else – we may end up feeling empty and unsatisfied.

But by tapping into those four fundamental needs, we’ll find ourselves on a path to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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Reasons to listen

  • To discover the four fundamental needs for true fulfilment in life
  • To learn practical steps to align your goals with these fundamental needs
  • To understand the consequences of prioritising achievement over fundamental needs and how it can impact your well-being

Episode highlights


What are you aiming for?


The first core need: physical wellbeing


The second core need: Connection


The third core need: Meaning and purpose


The fourth core need: Learning and growth


The fifth element: A need to achieve


Your north star




How do you need to live?


Don’t get pulled south

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: Have you ever considered having some career coaching? That’s certainly what I did a few years back when I was so fed up with my job, I wasn’t enjoying it, and I was fixated on what job do I want? What should I do next? And a lot of us, when we are thinking about how to live a life in which we’re going to feel fulfilled and happy, we focus on what job so I need to do what career do I need to have in order to get there? And then we end up going to…

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