2nd April, 2024

What Happens When You Stay Too Long

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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It’s easy to get comfortable in a role for too long, even when it’s clearly time to move on. So how do you know when it’s time? And how can you make sure you’re moving forwards, not moving backwards?

If you’re questioning whether a job or a relationship is right for you, it’s worth exploring further, and taking those thoughts seriously. Remember that change is often a sign of growth, not failure. So focus on the potential positives that can arise from change, rather than asking “what if it doesn’t work?”

People in roles they don’t really want to be in end up underperforming, and can start to feel bitter and resentful. This frustration can leak out and affect coworkers and even family members.

But there are some key questions you can ask yourself that will help pave the way for the next chapter in your career.

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Reasons to listen

  • To learn how to recognise when it’s time to move on from a job or situation that no longer suits you
  • To discover how to view such changes as graduations rather than failures or losses
  • To understand how to maintain your self-esteem and relationships when making big changes in your life

Episode highlights


What else have you stopped doing?


Leaving well


How to not stay too long


Getting rid of the fear of the future


lSet a time limit


Focus on your North Star


Change just one thing


Throwing the toaster away


Balance advice with intuition

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: I distinctly remember an appraisal. I had a while ago while I was working as a portfolio. GP. And at the end of the appraisal, I just sat there and I said, oh, I said, no, I don’t know whether I just need to give up completely. And the appraiser just looks at me and said to me You didn’t need to give up work, you’re just at the wrong practice. [00:00:20] And I thought, gosh, I never thought about that. And the minute they said that the realization dawned on me that, yeah, I just need to…

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