9th April, 2024

How to Make a Difficult Decision

With Jane Gunn

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There are always times in our personal and professional lives when the path ahead isn’t clear. What do we really want? Are we in the right role? And what would be the cost of making a big change?

Making the right decision can feel tricky, especially when they involve important life transitions. But there’s a way out, and it starts with asking ourselves some fundamental questions.

This week, Jane Gunn, the “Barefoot Mediator”, helps us navigate these challenges and figure out a path forwards, through self-exploration and getting a handle on our true desires. By asking questions around why we want certain things and what we truly hope to gain from them, we can start to beat a path in the right direction.

Along the way, solutions can seem to leap out at us, and it can be tempting to take them before fully thinking them through. This can lead us somewhere that doesn’t truly satisfy us or make us feel fulfilled.

But by asking the right questions – even if they feel a bit uncomfortable at times – we can more confidently choose a life that’s going to keep us happy and fulfilled.

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Reasons to listen

  • To learn how to navigate through the “Swamp of Reality” and overcome the “Dragon of Doubt” when making life transitions.
  • To understand the importance of self-determination and how to make confident decisions in your life.
  • To discover the role of “eagles” and “tigers” in your journey and how they can either hold you back or enable you.

Episode highlights


The Mole and the Mountain


The murkey swamp of reality


Do I matter, and am I heard?


Changing careers


Self-leadership and self-determination


What’s on their plate?


What’s in your cup?


The LOVE and FEAR acronyms


Picking the right mentor for the right problem


Courageous decision-making


Countering the ego


What’s in your shadow?


Fighting the “I was right!” battle


Jane’s top tips

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: At some point, you’ve probably asked yourself a question about your career. Am I in the right role. Am I on the right team? Is this even a path I want to keep walking? But there are a number of smaller questions that can help you think about the bigger one. Like, why am I feeding the need for change? What’s currently making me unhappy, or what would I like to be different? This week, I’m delighted to have Jane Gunn, AKA the Beth at mediator back on the podcast. [00:00:25] Jane works with people in times of…

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