4th June, 2024

What Forgiveness Can Do for You

With Dr Steve Smith

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Resentment, bad feeling, and past traumas make heavy baggage. Most of us carry something like that around with us – whether we were mistreated by someone at work or we’re still dealing with something more personal.

When we attach those feelings to a person, it feels like they’re living rent-free in our minds, taking up space, and getting in the way.

But if we can forgive that person, we can begin to lighten our own load. This doesn’t mean condoning their actions or letting them off the hook. It’s a conscious choice we make for our own wellbeing.

Forgiveness is a journey, not a one-off act. It’s a conscious choice we make, regardless of whether the person who hurt us knows about it, or even if they are no longer alive. Importantly, forgiveness doesn’t mean we can’t take action – it just means we choose to let go of the bitterness that harms our own mental health.

Living with unresolved resentment can lead to chronic stress, which negatively impacts our mental and physical health. It can rob us of our peace and prevent us from living a fulfilling life.

In this episode, Dr Steve Smith discusses with Rachel the ways in which forgiveness can play a transformational role in our lives. He provides practical ways we can process our feelings and identify who or what we need to forgive.

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  • To learn about the transformative power of forgiveness in overcoming emotional baggage and trauma.
  • To discover the significant role of forgiveness in addiction therapy and recovery.
  • To understand how acknowledging and addressing past experiences can lead to inner healing.