18th June, 2024

How to Put Your Team Back Together

With James Spice

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We’re so often stuck in a cycle of simply “coping” with our workloads, especially in healthcare. We’re not thriving, and it’s mainly because we’re missing the human connection that comes from working closely with other people.

We need to re-establish the connections we once had, both formally and informally. And we can start by aligning our intentions with the impressions we leave on others. This alignment forms the basis of our impact on our teams. And the closer we can bring our actions in line with our intentions (the more we walk the walk), the better our working relationships will be.

In this episode, James Spice returns to discuss reteaming, and how teams can reform, and not just pay lip service to an occasional in-person get-together.

As teams continue to work remotely, teammates risk feeling more frustrated and misunderstood, with work relationships suffering. Our workload isn’t going to decrease any time soon, so pressures like interpersonal conflict will keep mounting, and we’ll end up stuck in a cycle of just “coping”, rather than thriving.

But in this episode, James offers concrete advice leaders can use to improve how teams communicate, by starting from the basics.

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  • Learn about the importance of team connection and community in the workplace for thriving instead of just coping.
  • Understand the concept of “reteaming” and how it can help to improve your work environment.
  • Discover how our intentions and the impressions we leave on others impact our overall effectiveness in a team setting.

Episode highlights


Wellbeing and connection


Getting through the workload


A better outcome than merely coping


If only people would just…


Understanding intentions




High performing teams


Understanding your team


Juggling multiple teams


Taking personal control


Making deliberate time


The “right” question, and when questions aren’t the point


Asking “how are you?”

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: We should get a coffee sometime. When’s the last time you said that to a colleague or they said it to you? And be honest, when’s the last time you actually put a date in your diary to make it happen? [00:00:10] So many of us in health care are under pressure and feeling stressed. And when we’re in that zone, we start talking about coping. But why should just about managing, be the best we can hope for? [00:00:22] This week, I’m delighted to have James Spice back on the podcast to talk about how connection can…

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