2nd July, 2024

What Does High-Performance Look Like?

With Anne Hartslief

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In the search for “success” – however we define it – we tend to overlook our own physical wellbeing, which can lead to stress and other issues.

We don’t necessarily think about our bodies in these moments, instead focusing on the head or the heart. But as leadership coach Anne Hartslief argues, focusing on the body, understanding what it needs and making adjustments, could be the key.

It begins with taking powerful pauses throughout our day. These aren’t just breaks to catch our breath, but moments to check in with our bodies and ask what they need from us. We also need to address micro-aggressions and traumas: the small, everyday stresses that accumulate over time and cause us to disconnect from ourselves.

Ignoring our bodies can lead us down a path of chronic stress, burnout, and more serious health issues. We can end up fragmented, losing touch with our true selves and our definition of success becomes distorted.

But by asking yourself “What is my body telling me right now?”, we can get closer to achieving true performance: a balance of success and wellbeing.

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Reasons to listen

  • To learn how the idea of “sacred success” can lead to a more peaceful and fulfilled professional life
  • To discover how integrating performance with humanity can lead to a more balanced and successful work experience
  • To understand the importance of staying connected with your body and recognising physical and emotional signs of stress and burnout

Episode highlights


Focusing on the wrong things


Whoi are we when we’re unable to perform?


Trauma and performance


Shame and dissociation


Bringing humanity into performance


Managing our nervous system


Time to vent – and time after the vent


Working within fluid teams


When what you measure isn’t what your boss measures


Performance, job satisfaction, and success


How to tell the difference between state-of-mind and values


Anne’s top tips

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: Do you sometimes worry that you’re not performing at your best? And do you get confused as to whether resting and taking time to look after yourself would help your performance, or hinder it as you’d have less time to work? And what is high performance anyway? And who are you if you’re not able to perform in the way that you or other people expect? How do you deal with any guilt or shame that comes up on those states when you’re not performing at your best? When you’ve been snappy with the kids, or just frustrated…

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