5th September, 2023

Is it You – or is it Menopause?

With Dr Claire Kaye

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One way or another, menopause affects everyone at some point. If you’re not experiencing symptoms yourself, you almost certainly know or work with someone who is. That’s why understanding its effects and being able to offer support and compassion is so important.

Women going through menopause can experience a wide range of physical, psychological, and hormonal symptoms. These symptoms often go unnoticed or ignored, which can impact confidence and increase anxiety. Lack of confidence or temporary difficulty in making decisions can lead to organisations losing talented, experienced women who thought they were experiencing cognitive decline. By perpetuating the stigma and embarrassment around menopause, we prevent women from seeking help and support.

But there are resources and solutions available to help women manage their symptoms and continue to thrive at work – and Dr Claire Kaye joins us this week to talk through what we can all do.

It starts with becoming more aware of the symptoms of menopause and recognising when they’re affecting us or our colleagues.

If you’re looking for support with menopause, lifestyle changes like sleep hygiene, exercise, and nutrition can help. There are also medications available, but coaching can have a huge impact.

We can educate ourselves and others about the symptoms and resources available, and seek out support from in-house Menopause Ambassadors, as well as support groups. If you’re experiencing menopause or perimenopause, coaching and medical support is available.

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  • To understand more about the physical and mental symptoms of menopause, and how they can affect people’s work and personal lives.
  • To learn about the importance of awareness, education, and support for people going through menopause, especially in the workplace.
  • For resources and strategies to help you manage menopause symptoms, including lifestyle changes, medication, coaching, and group support.

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What is the menopause


What can women do to help themselves?


Caring for yourself


Is it a midlife crisis?


What we tell kids about the menopause




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[00:00:00] Chances are, whether it’s you or someone, close to you, you’re going to be affected by the menopause. If you’re a woman in your forties, or sometimes even earlier, you might experience brain fog, low confidence or difficulty making decisions as well as other physical symptoms. And often end up blaming yourself rather than menopausal changes. The important thing is to understand what’s going on. Remember you’re still you, and that support and help is at hand. And if you’re not someone who’s currently going through the menopause then keep listening, as myself and cage and GP, Claire Kaye…

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